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 Welcome to Our Solemn Hour!

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PostSubject: Welcome to Our Solemn Hour!   Mon Dec 19, 2016 9:52 pm

Welcome to Our Solemn Hour!

We are an Original Sci-fi/Fantasy Dystopian Roleplaying Site. Feel free to have a look around, while you do that, you may register on the site with an OOC name. This account will become your Personal Account, it is not required though we have found that it’s much easier to navigate the site though you cannot link your accounts here like you can on other forum hosts. Also, After making an account, you will need to Edit your Profile in the top right corner in the Toolbar at the top and scroll down a little bit till you see the options for Enabling HTML. If you don't do this, you will not be able to use HTML in your posts. You must do this for EVERY account you make. We ask that everyone who joins OSH be over 18 as the content may lean towards more mature things, though Sexual and overly Violent threads will not be allowed. You can find all our Rules in the Information and Lore Section. We keep all sorts of things in the Lore Section about the World we play in like the Factions and the Races. Please familiarize yourself with this information, we know there is quite a bit but it will come in handy later.

Once you have an idea you want to write, feel free to make a Character Account using their first and last name. (First names only are not allowed). You will find the Application you need in the Character Directory, as well as the Faceclaim List and the Member Directory. The application is in HTML, which can be a bit overwhelming but we have tried to make it as easy as possible. Basically everything you need to replace is in all CAPS and if you get stuck feel free to post in the Help Section and one of the Staff members will be along to help you out. You can either wait till you feel finished with the app to post it, or you can post it in the Bios Section under the Works in Progress so that we know you aren’t finished yet. We recommend this as it allows us to keep track of your progress and it places a claim on the face or Wanted you may be working on for one week. IE, no one can steal it from you for one week. You may take longer than a week, but you will no longer be safe from someone else taking the Wanted or using the Face you’ve chosen.

Remember, we have very strict Race and Faction power requirements for new applications, be mindful of these when creating your character.

Once you’re done with the App, simply bump the thread to let us know you’re finished. @Violet, @Aech, and lexriel will look it over and PM you with any concerns they may have, if there are any. Once those have been smoothed out, you will then be Approved and are ready to start writing with the rest of our lovely members. Please be sure to follow all of the instructions upon being approval.

After Approval, there are a number of things you can do to help get your character started. You can post a Plotter and skim over the others and see if there is a character you’d like to plot with, please remember to reply to these OOC threads with your personal account. Feel free to jump in the Cbox and strike up a conversation with the other players! This site will only thrive on the interactions of it’s members and the combining of stories. Let’s make History shall we?

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Welcome to Our Solemn Hour!
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