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 Religion of Galanaos

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Keeper of Time In the beginning there was nothing, and then Time began to slowly creep forward. With the slow passage of time, creation and destruction would be born and begin to shape the worlds. Ambiguous at best, Cas is said to always appear as an older gentleman with a cane. While he can see the passage of time, he knows the dangers of telling his children what may be. Instead, he often gives his help in the form of riddles, so that they may discover the truth on their own. His temples are always placed in an area that gets a lot of sun. They are round with a hole in the ceiling so that Sulwyn's rays can always touch the sundial in the center to track the passage of time. Even with the advance of technology, the sundial has remained.
God of CreationWith the passage of Time, Creation and his twin sister Destruction came into being. The balance that keeps the worlds from spinning out of existence. Morathi and Mythri are inseparable, they are always portrayed together for without one, you cannot have the other and neither are possible without Time to record it. Morathi loves all of creation and he especially loves it when those creations create more. His side of the temples are decorated with artwork from children and adults alike. Blessing a newborn in his honor is said to bless their life with good fortune.
Goddess of Destruction
With the passage of Time, Destruction and her twin brother Creation came into being. The balance that keeps the worlds from spinning out of existence. Mythri and Morathi are inseparable, they are always portrayed together for without one, you cannot have the other and neither are possible without Time to record it. Mythri longs to create something of her own, for destruction is all that she knows and it saddens her. Morathi does his best to cheer her up and it is only for him that she smiles. Her side of the Temple is decorated with artwork and great works of writing depicting the greatest destruction in history. Small pieces of the children's artwork spill over from Morathi's side, creating small blips of happy color that always give her pleasure.
Keeper of FateYounger sister to Morathi and Mythri, Niyati is a playful being. Depicted as either young maiden or an old, wizened crone, Niyati guides everyone and everything to their proper place in the grand scheme. Fate can be a funny thing, equally as loved and she is despised. Her temples are small and cozy, with the all seeing eye painted on the ceiling. Her followers tell fortunes with cards or crystal, some with tea leaves or even bones carved with old runes. She is charged with keeping the balance between her eldest siblings, made all the harder by her brother Malachi who delights in tipping the balance on it's head and seeing where the sand falls out. The two have a love/hate relationship that spans all of time.
God of the ImpossibleMalachi came into being as the Balance to the...well, Balance. A bit of a trickster by nature, his realm is the realm of miracles, though not all impossible things are good. Rather then have a temple of his own, his followers try to convert sections of the other temples in Malachi's name, he takes great joy in watching his followers and the followers of his Kin argue, sewing chaos. Malachi created the Humans, having watched his kin create all manner of fantastic creatures and beings, Malachi created a race he knew they would all laugh at...at first. Humans hold a special place in his heart, some believe it is why humans, despite their fragile and short existence, can do such fantastic, and impossible, things.
Keeper of WisdomThe final child of Time, Vivek values knowledge and intelligence above all things. He strives to learn everything he can about the world and it's inhabitants. While he is not close with any but his father, no one likes a know it all, the others respect him and seek him out in times of need. He likes to give advice, though usually in the form of riddles. His temples are actually massive libraries, for knowledge is Wisdom.
Goddess of the Sun and LightIn Morathi's efforts to create life, he needed to give them a source of power, however he couldn't accomplish this without his sister's effort. Together, both the power of Creation and Destruction breathed life into Sulwyn. While the rays of her holy light give life, the warmth of her being can just as easily destroy that life. Her temples are often far above the cloud line, where the sun can always reach it's tiled floors. Her followers gather the energy from her light, creating power sources for the people and mages alike.
Goddess of Darkness and NightWhether they knew what would happen or not, you cannot have light without Shadow. Fahari came into being just shortly after Sulwyn, though they do not consider themselves siblings. Fahari claims no family, though she does refer to Time as her grandfather on occasion. Her realm is darkness and mystery, though that is not to say that she is evil. Without darkness, one cannot see the stars. Her temples are made of a rare dark marble, found in the depths of the mountains. The ceiling's are cut with the constellations, so that Sulwyn's rays may light her temples with starlight.
Goddess of the Triple MoonSilaine  and her siblings were created together, guardians of the Moons of Galanaos. Silaine is kind and caring, her purple light offering a healing calm for the soul. She is often depicted as either a beautiful maiden in a snow white dress, with white hair, or as an arctic fox with purple eyes. She is said to be the guide of lost travelers and wayward souls. The Temples of the Triple Moon are actually three temples in one, Silaine's is built of white marble, a large amethyst sits in the center, used to focus her violet light and speed the healing process.
God of the Triple MoonAos is often depicted as a young warrior, or a large golden stag with blue eyes. He is the protector of all things that move through the night. Courageous and strong, there is no fight that Aos would fear, even if he knew it meant his death. His temple is built of stone and dirt, a Sapphire at it's center to help focus his inspiring light, granting courage to those with the proper faith.
Goddess of the Triple MoonLevana was known as the Wrathful. The third of the triplets, her path was a long one and her presence on Galanaos was rare. She was often depicted as a huntress with red hair, or as a large red jungle cat with black stripes and red eyes. Those who followed the difficult path of the Berserker often called upon her, her red light emphasized the emotions, especially anger and turned it into blind rage. At her apex, the very animals would become hostile and violent. Her temples were created from red clay, with a Ruby at it's center to focus her crimson light and grant her followers with the energy to do impossible deeds. However, During the Shattering, Levana was destroyed, pieces of the moon raining down on Galanaos and creating chaos and destruction. Every ruby, in every temple ceased to glow with her light as it was snuffed out. The pieces of the red moon that fell began to change the inhabitants of Galanaos, awakening in many an animal side they never knew they had. Her light can only be found in the shards that are scattered across the surface.
God of NatureVidar and Teva are opposite sides of the same coin. He is known as the Beastmaster, keeper of all the creatures that roam Galanaos. He is often depicted as a wise old owl, or as hunter with horns growing out of his head. Great swaths of land were dedicated to Vidar and Teva, grand gardens where plants and animals alike could thrive. Together with his sister, they created the Fae, the first sentient creatures. They came in all shapes and sizes, fashioned after the wild nature that was their domain.
Goddess of NatureTeva and Vidar are opposite sides of the same coin. She is known as the Gardenia, keeper of all the plant life that grows on Galanaos. She is often depicted as a unicorn with purple eyes, or a beautiful woman dressed in green with feathers in her hair. Great swaths of land were dedicated to Teva and Vidar, grand gardens where plants and animals alike could thrive. Together with her brother, they created the Fae, the first sentient creatures. They came in all shapes and sizes, fashioned after the wild nature that was their domain.
Goddess of DeathDaughter of Niyati and Aos, Morrigan became the Balance to all the life being created across Galanaos. Her followers became known as the Stewards, ushering the dying to their final resting place. She is often depicted as a large white cat, with a tail half again as long as it's body and large ears with black pupil-less eyes, or as an old woman in flowing black robes with long white hair. Her temples are actually Mausoleums of varying capacity, maintained by the Stewards. Citizens often visit the Mausoleums to pay their respects to their lost loved ones. The Stewards are said to possess some of the power of Morrigan, allowing them the ability to speak to the dead and possibly reanimate them.
Goddess of FireAs the Gods began to shape the world and it's creatures, they unwittingly created the Five Elements. Safara was the first of her siblings, her fires helping to form the world. She is often depicted as fiery fox or a phoenix, or a dark woman dressed in reds and oranges. She has a bit of a temper to her that has become legendary and only her brother Thorsten can calm her moods. Her temples can be found in the hottest places, the mouth of volcanoes or sitting over hot springs. The fires of her temples are rumored to never go out, fueled by the magic of her Priests. It is said she grants her followers the gift of Pyrokinesis, though they must prove themselves first.
God of AirAs the Gods began to shape the world and it's creatures, they unwittingly created the Five Elements. Aero came rushing into life, fueling Safara's wild ways. The two are nearly inseparable, though Safara cannot exist without Aero, a raw point with her that always sparks her temper when it's brought up. He is depicted as a soaring eagle with blue wings, or as a pale man in yellow robes with wings on his sandals. His temples can be found in places where the wind is a constant, with open floor plans to allow the wind to rush through. It is said he grants his followers the gift of Aerokinesis.
Goddess of WaterAs the Gods began to shape the world and it's creatures, they unwittingly created the Five Elements. Ondine crashed into life, at constant war with her brother, Thorsten and her sister, Safara. Fierce, unpredictable, Ondine takes her duty very seriously. She is known as the First Mermaid, while Vidar and Teva were working on the Fae, they needed help from the Elements. Ondine agreed, so long as they relinquished all of the water fae into her care. Teva and Vidar helped her to create her own children, the Merpeople. Ondine is depicted as a Mermaid with flowing red hair and blue scales. While most of her temples rest beneath the ocean, the coastlines and a few land locked lakes sport their own temples. She is said to gift her followers with Hydrokinesis, though they must prove themselves in battle before she will even consider them worthy.
God of StoneAs the Gods began to shape the world and it's creatures, they unwittingly created the Five Elements. Thorsten is the beating heart of Galanaos. His life force pulses through the mountains and lands that make up the continents. He can withstand Safara's wrath, and keep Aero grounded, only Ondine has ever outsmarted him. The two have a long history, mostly based on Ondine's ever changing moods. He is depicted as an older man carved from stone. His temples are built into the mountains and cliffs. It is said that he grants his followers the gift of Terrokinesis.
God of SpiritAs the Gods began to shape the world and it's creatures, they unwittingly created the Five Elements. Daemon has little care for the squabbles of his siblings, he prefers his books and his everlasting search for enlightenment. He follows Vivek quite closely, though Vivek seeks to know all of the wisdom of the world, where as Daemon prefers to know all of the wisdom of the mind and body, to bring them into balance with the soul. He is depicted as a scholar, with flowing robes and a clear gem in the place of his third eye. His temples are sanctuaries of enlightenment and his followers are called Monks, honing the body and the mind so they may better know the soul. It is said he grants his followers the skills of the mind: Telekinesis, Telepathy, Dreamwalking, and Suggestion, to name a few.
Keeper of the HuntThe child of Levana and Vidar, Chasen has no gender. While some of the Hunters refer to Chasen by gender, they say it is simply how Chasen feels to them. Unlike the other Gods, Chasen can appear as any animal, leading the hunt when Levana's light is full. Now that Levana is gone, Chasen has been lost, and the Wild Hunt has not run for three centuries. The Lunarians have been searching for some way to return the Wild Hunt to it's former glory and bring Chasen back to them. Chasen has no temples, and the Hunters who follow him are more nomadic, most of whom became Lunarian upon Levana's death.
Father of the ForgeSon of Thorsten and Safara, Unvar used the minerals and metals of his father and the heat of his mother to create things the Fae could only dream of. Weapons and Armor, the things they needed to fight their petty squabbles. Every blacksmith across Galanaos keeps his symbol over their door, a horseshoe with the open side pointing upwards. He has no need of Temples, each Blacksmith and Forge across the world hears the constant pounding of his hammer. Unvar forged the Dwarves, from stone and metal. This protects them from the magic of the world and allows them to create armor and weapons the world has never seen. Unvar is depicted as the first Dwarf, wielding a massive hammer, with gold and platinum glittering in his great braided beard.
Mother of MagicRealizing the great power each of them was capable of, the five Elements came together in their only act of true collaboration and created Ilana, the Mother of Magic. She could draw on each of them, using the power of the gods to shape the world and change fate itself. Weilding such amazing power Ilana created the Elves, the first Mages. She fashioned them from the elements themselves, making sure they could withstand the force of the gift she imbued into them. Ilana is depicted as a rainbow, the colors of the Elements working together to create something beautiful. Magic is a tool however, and that same rainbow stands as a warning for the violence and Destruction it is capable of. You cannot have a Rainbow without the rain.
Keeper of Justice and LawSon of Vivek and Morrigan, Eamon gave the new creatures the gods were creating an answer to the chaos of their lives. An eye for an eye would never do if they wanted to make something of themselves. The Fae were the first to grasp hold of Eamon's teachings, though their laws were arbitrary and selfish, each species with it's own that bound them for eternity. The Elves and Dwarves made better use of Eamon's wisdom, creating the first treaty as the Umbran Elves and the Dwarves agreed to live together. Eamon is depicted as wise old elf caring the scales that balance need and desire to find Justice.
Goddess of FertilityDaughter of Teva and Morathi, Moa is the caretaker of life. However, Love and Desire are two very different things. She is the ultimate hippy love child, dancing through life as if it were one big party. Only Vinico has ever been able to hold her interest for longer then a night or two, and even Vinico is no saint. She is often depicted as a white rabbit with green eyes, or a maiden with a coy smile and flowers in her hair. Morrigan and Moa are very close, Moa always trying to get Morrigan to smile, and Morrigan trying to keep Moa grounded.
God of WarSon of Vivek and Levana, Eamon's half brother. Yakov is the father of War, tempering Levana's rage and skill with Vivek's wisdom and strategy. Whether or not he actually chooses a side, or simply feeds on the battles is unknown. However, he is an Honorable warrior, the realm of tricks and backstabbing belongs to Talia. His followers are called Knights, or Paladins depending on how far they've climbed. Honorable men and women who roam the world until they find a cause to serve. Good and bad are matters of opinion and warriors must choose their path for themselves so long as they follow the Old Code. Yakov is depicted as a great warrior wielding a battle axe and a shield. The Axe was a gift form his mother, the metal a deep red and some believe it to be moonstone. The shield a gift from his father, so that he may know when to strike and when to hold. His temples produce some of the finest warriors, though not all go on to pledge themselves to his service.
Goddess of MischiefDaughter of Malachi and Fahari, she pairs her father's flair for the dramatic with her mother's stealth and mystery. She has a silver tongue and a sharp mind, twisting the hearts and words of others to do her bidding. She is depicted as snake or a bat, with silver eyes or a lithe maiden with dual daggers and raven black hair. She has no followers, but instead brother and sisters though the rest of world often refers to them as rogues or thieves. The Thieves Guild was founded by Talia's followers and now every city has one hidden somewhere, it's members in high demand for their skills and talents, for the right price.
God of WineNo one is really sure how Vinico came to be, perhaps he grew from the hearts and minds of the people as they longed for festivity and merriment. Informally titled the "God of Tits and Wine", Vinico and Moa are the greatest love story Galanaos knows. No matter how they may stray, they always return to each other in the end. His temples produce the finest wines and ales, an eternal party. He is depicted as jolly man with a wreath in his hair riding a donkey and leading a grand parade. His followers, in their search for the greatest wine, have learned of a number of uses for the fruit and herbs of the world, including a few rare poisons that are coveted by the followers of Talia.
God of Love and BeautySon of Vinico and Moa, the product of their undying love. Tivon wishes only that each and every creature knows love in some form. Whether it be the love of a parent, or a sibling, or the love of a soul mate. He is depicted as a handsome young man with a charming smile and bright green eyes who tends to like to look at himself a bit too much. However, he has a knack for finding beauty in almost anything. In this way he has hungered for Lavali, the beauty she creates captivating him, but she is a prize he cannot win. Her heart belongs to another, though it is not for his lack of trying.
God of HealingSon of Silaine and Daemon. Valen tends to follow in Yakov's wake, though they are cousins, they consider themselves brothers. His temples stand as hospitals, soothing halls that will heal any creature in need of help regardless of who or what they are. His followers are Healers and midwives, and in later years, doctors. They work closely with the Necromancers who follow Morrigan, keepers of the dead. Those who follow his teachings do not preach simple physical healing, but spiritual as well. Any follower of Valen may find sanctuary at the temples of Silaine.
God of CompetitionSon of Sulwin and Eamon, Ryder tends to be the boastful sort. He loves a good sport, and it's hard for him to say no to a bet. There is nothing he hates more then a sore loser however, it is not honorable to look down on those you've beaten. The followers of Ryder host grand competitions in their arenas, serving as neutral ground between cities or factions if the need arises. It is just about the physical events though, competitions of the mind are just as honored. The followers of Talia always seem at war with the followers of Ryder, after all, it's hard to trust a thief.
Goddess of ArtDaughter of Morathi and Morrigan, Lavali is a savant when it comes to the arts. Painting, writing, dancing, even music. Her temples are grand theaters where the talented can entertain the masses. Poets and singers spin stories of the ages, while artists create the tapestries and masterworks that depict the history of Galanaos. Lavali would be nothing without Dorma, for where would art be without the dreamer? It is said she gifts her followers with the ability to inspire others with their talents.
Goddess of DreamsNo one really knows what Dorma truly looks like, she only ever appears in dreams. She is the daughter of Daemon and Niyati. Dreams are a complicated world, there are good dreams, and there are bad dreams, and sometimes what is good or bad is all in the point of view. Dorma and Lavali have been together from the beginning, you cannot have art without dreams. It is said that she grants her followers the ability to Dreamwalk though the gift is rare.
Powers That Be
The Staff of Our Solemn HourThe Staff here at OSH have taken the names of the stars and constellations as we watch over the world we have worked so hard to create for you. We are not perfect however and we welcome the input of our members in helping us build on our lore and plots. Please do not hesitate to come to us with questions or concerns, either in the Help board or by PM. We are here to help!
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Religion of Galanaos
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